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Server 7.0.8 (2003)
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Server 8.0.6 (2004)
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Server 12.1.0 (V12)

Single 12.1.0 (V12)

Upgrading FirePoint Single-User 12.1.0 (V12)

Note:  Make sure you upgrade the same platform (single-user or client server) using the FirePoint upgrade for the same version (7.0.2 / 7.0.8 - 2003, 8.0.6 - 2004 or 12.1.0 - V12).

Here's the basic outline for upgrading the single-user version of FirePoint 12.1.0 (V12).

1.  Download the upgrade zip files and extract

Make sure you have your support password.  Click on the download link below.  The "Username" is:


Enter your support password when requested.  Download the zipped file inside the folder by double-clicking on the file and pressing the "Save" button.  Click the download window's Close Box (X) when you are ready to return to these instructions.

Link to FTP Download


2. Quit FirePoint.

FirePoint should not be running during the upgrade process.

3.  Backup your FirePoint folder

Before performing an upgrade it's a good idea to make a copy of the FirePoint application folder. Windows offers several ways to copy folders. Any one of them will work for the backing up your FirePoint application folder.

One method is to click once on the FirePoint application folder to select it. Press and hold the CTRL key down. Use the mouse to drag the folder a little to the right.

As you move the selected folder a "+" symbol will appear. When you stop dragging the folder and release the mouse button Windows will create a copy of the folder.


4. Unzip the “FP_V12_Single_Upgrade.zip” file you downloaded.

The unzipped folder contains three files. Remember, file extensions are important parts of a file name. Make sure you have not set your Windows folder options to "Hide file extensions".

5. Inside your original FirePoint folder locate the "Database" subfolder.

Again, make sure you are viewing your file extensions.


6. Remove the three files from the original “Database” folder that have the exactly the exact same name as the three files in the unzipped upgrade folder.


7. Move the three upgrade files from the unzipped upgrade folder to the Database subfolder.

Since you removed the original files with the same name, Windows should not ask you if you want to copy and replace a file with the same name. If it does you have moved a file out of the original folder that should not have been moved.

8. Start FirePoint and enter as the Administrator.  Run the upgrade procedure

At the Command Window press the Maint button.  Press the "Maintenance Tab".  Press the "User Maintenance" button.  Follow instructions to enter the following user maintenance password:


Allow time for the upgrade procedure to run.  After the procedure is done press the Cancel button.  Return to the Command Window.

Final Considerations

If you have any major problems return to the folder backup of FirePoint server you made in Step #2.  Click the link below or call for support assistance.


(727) 823-0880


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