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FirePoint Upgrades are now Available

New FirePoint upgrades have been released to support NFIRS 5 specification changes. These upgrades will be for FirePoint single-user and FirePoint server versions 2003, 2004 and V12. Those fire departments still using the older version of 4D Server (6.65) should call for support and upgrade information.

This upgrade includes FEMA changes to NFIRS 5 specification effective 1/1/2013.  Click here to see a history of FirePoint upgrades.  New technology upgrades are released for:

   FirePoint Single User 2003 (7.0.2 / 7.0.8), 2004 (8.0.6) and V12 (12.1.0)

   FirePoint Server 2003 (7.0.2 / 7.0.8) Versions of FirePoint

   FirePoint Server 2004 (8.0.6) Versions of FirePoint

   FirePoint Server V12 (12.1.0) Versions of FirePoint

With this upgrade FirePoint 8 will meet new NFIRS 5 requirements for January 1st 2013.

FirePoint upgrades are free to all fire department's current on their FirePoint support payments.  You must have a new password to download the upgrade.  To check your fire department's support status and to obtain the new password simply call or send an email to the address below:

(800) 365-9962




Newsletter Signup

FirePoint users may now sign-up for a monthly newsletter. The newsletter will provide information about software features and announce the date and time for monthly on-line training sessions.

Please sign-up by adding your name to the FirePoint mailing list below:


Newsletter Signup
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FirePoint Sunsets Server Version 6.56

FirePoint 8 will not be available for Server Version 6.56.  As Windows operating systems evolve 4D Servers must also evolve to keep pace.  FirePoint customers wishing to upgrade to the current 4D Server Version 2004 may do so by contacting Joe in FirePoint Sales at (800) 365-9962.

4D Server Version 6.56 was released when Windows NT was the most current operating system.  The current release of 4D Server, Version 2004, is certified for use through Windows 2003.

You can check your version of 4D Server by looking for the small red typing under the FirePoint icon in the upper left corner of the Command Window.  If you see "6.0.6" or "6.5.6" you have a sunset version of 4D Server.

Single-user upgrades of FirePoint are available for Version 2003 and Version 2004 under FirePoint's support plan. If you are using Version 2003 (7.0.2 / 7.0.8) upgrade using the FirePoint 2003 upgrade. If you are using Version 2004 (8.0.6) upgrade using the FirePoint 2004 upgrade. FirePoint Version 12 is the newest platform release.

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