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With the release of FirePoint 8 a new Support Center has been established.  This Support Center provides:

FirePoint upgrade history, current version, upgrade downloads & upgrade instructions
A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list which answers common questions in detail
"Tech Sheets" - illustrated instructions for common FirePoint maintenance and repair tasks
Tech support question submittal by email for either email or phone response, as appropriate.

The Support Center will quickly evolve into one-stop access for FirePoint upgrades and support.  Add this page to your "Favorites" pages.  Use it whenever you have a FirePoint question.


Check Your Support Status

FirePoint 8 upgrades are available to FirePoint users with a current support status.  If you wish to check your support status or receive a current user name and password for access to upgrades please contact our support center:

(800) 365-9962



If your fire department has a new FirePoint contact don't hesitate to use the above email link to update your contact information.


Technical Support Questions

FirePoint emails are closely monitored.  If you have a technical support question which has not been answered by information in the FAQ list or Tech Sheets click on the following link to submit your question.  Please include your phone number so we can call you, if appropriate.



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FirePoint 8 provides bigger layouts and supports newer Windows operating systems including XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2003 & 2008.


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